Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Roast Beef and Potatoes

I put two small joints of beef I got on the reduced aisle, and a few potatoes in today.

I wasn't that pleased.

The potatoes were mushy, although they did eventually look kind of golden, and the meat was really over cooked. I think they were in for an hour and fifteen.

I often cook meat badly though, so the remoska hasn't helped in that regard.


  1. Did you have water in?? Might have just dried out a bit.

    I've done quite a bit of pork in mine. Just today I did pork rib steaks with a sachet of Somerset pork seasoning... Literally just dumped everything in, ignored the directions about browning in a frying pan... flipped the red switch and 40 min later turned out perfect. same deal with pork chops/pork loin.

  2. Put your peeled potatos halved into a clean food bag add some oil salt and polenta or semolina and give them a good shake about in the bag then empty the contents into the Remoska switch on, 40 mins later
    Brown off your meat and put it into a roasting bag along with some water and a couple of oxo cubes and loosely tie off the roasting bag. Place in the remoska with the potatoes for around an hour depending on the size of your meat.
    It will result in nice crispy roasted potatoes and the meat will not dry out. You may have to vary your times depending how you like your meat and potatoes.
    Try not to let the roasting bag touch the element as it will disintegrate.