Sunday, 27 May 2012

Where did the time go??

My year with the remoska blog didn't last long did it!! I cant believe i started it in 2009 Massive apologies. I'm going to carry on with it as its quite useful to see the different things I've cooked with it. It's absolutely fantastic for camping. I always bring it with me for jacket potatoes, sausages, lamb stew, pizzas, and bread. At home, I love to make rice pudding with it. But I have a suspicion that it's capable of so much more. So, watch this space!

Friday, 13 March 2009

Roasted Parsnips

Peeled, quartered, and thrown in the Remoska with a dash of olive oil.

Really, really really good. Perfect in fact.

I also did sweet potatoes for about an hour and a half, and they were smelt wonderful and were very very soft. I used them to make the sweet potato cake with.

Spanish Apple Cake

I used a recipe that I've used before and cooked in a conventional oven.

It looks beautiful done in the remoska, but the apples didn't have time to cook, and were hard inside.

It just didn't work.

Sweet Potato Cake

I used the above recipe, but had less than 400g sugar, so used 300g, but next time, I'll do 200g.

I cooked it directly in remoska, which was already hot from cooking lunch. (meatballs and hash browns)

I greased and floured the pan, and put foil over the top for the last 20 mins of cooking.

It tastes great and is mega moist.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Roast Beef and Potatoes

I put two small joints of beef I got on the reduced aisle, and a few potatoes in today.

I wasn't that pleased.

The potatoes were mushy, although they did eventually look kind of golden, and the meat was really over cooked. I think they were in for an hour and fifteen.

I often cook meat badly though, so the remoska hasn't helped in that regard.

Ginger Cake

I made a ginger cake today. It was from a recipe book, but I won't list the ingredients because cake is cake, and I imagine if this one cooked well, then most others will too.

I pre-heated the remoska with a bowl of water while I made the mixture. Not sure why the water, but everybody seems to say you have to, so I did. Anyway, when I'm camping, that hot water can be put to good use in a tea or for washing up!

In went the mixture and on went the lid.

It cooked quicker than in the oven, and I forgot to put the foil over the top, until it was already a shade darker than I would have liked. But I did catch it before it actually burnt.

So, remoska is good for cakes! I think I might try it without preheating it first to see what difference that makes.

Chilled Supermarket Pizza

This Asda chilled supermarket pizza took the same time to cook as it would in the oven, and was just as good. Good electricity saving!