Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Ginger Cake

I made a ginger cake today. It was from a recipe book, but I won't list the ingredients because cake is cake, and I imagine if this one cooked well, then most others will too.

I pre-heated the remoska with a bowl of water while I made the mixture. Not sure why the water, but everybody seems to say you have to, so I did. Anyway, when I'm camping, that hot water can be put to good use in a tea or for washing up!

In went the mixture and on went the lid.

It cooked quicker than in the oven, and I forgot to put the foil over the top, until it was already a shade darker than I would have liked. But I did catch it before it actually burnt.

So, remoska is good for cakes! I think I might try it without preheating it first to see what difference that makes.

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